Lévis’ Fort Numéro-Un needs a facelift

Lévis’ Fort Numéro-Un needs a facelift

Main pic: Muraille du coté nord du Fort No1 de Lévis. Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Bourgoin.

Lévis (Quebec) 7 April 2015 – Back in 1865 the British, who had taken over Quebec at the time, built three forts on the south shore of Quebec City, on land which is now part of the city of Lévis, to protect Quebec from a threatening attack by the United States. As it turned out the attack never happened, but the three forts stood strong and although there are only remnants of forts number 2 and 3, the largest Fort number-One has been kept up as a monument and remains standing in its original form.

Fort number-1 is now a tourist attraction and has been declared an official historical site by Parcs Canada. The problem of course is the cost of keeping the fort in perfect condition, and that doesn’t come cheap. The latest evaluation made by Parcs Canada estimates that the old walls need some serious re-cementing and some reinforcement structural repairs which could cost up to $47 million.

The man in charge of the evaluation, Hughes Michaud managing director for the region, was pleased when Prime Minister Harper announced last week that the Federal Government was injecting 5.5 million for the next two years to make some of the priority repairs.

M. Michaud also underlined the fact that the fort was not about to crumble or that the situation was critical, stating there is no danger for tourists who wish to visit the fortifications but, he welcomes the money and hopes the rest will follow in the years to come as it represents only about 13% of the total amount.

The fort is not visited by a great number of tourists but is a magnificent structure and an important part of Canada’s history, according to M. Michaud.

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