Lévis man jailed for having sexually abused six young boys

Lévis man jailed for having sexually abused six young boys

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 April 2015 – A 40 year old man was sentenced to six years in prison this week for having molested six young individuals over a twenty year period.

M. Stéphane Poirier was a Boy Scout Leader and a Big Brother volunteer when the accusations came about. He was able to convince young boys between the ages of 6 and 13 to go camping with him where he would have them sleep naked in the same sleeping bag as him allowing him to practice his sexual deviances without detection from other campers.

M. Poirier was arrested in 2012 after some of the boys, now teenagers, came forward with the news that they had been sexually abused by the accused. Police also found thousands of pedophile data entries on M. Poirier’s home computer.

In conjunction with the six year sentence, M. Poirier is to abstain from visiting any young individuals, attending any public parks or sporting events, and from using his computer, except for job hunting, for the next ten years.

His name will be included on the list of sexual predators available through the national program.

All of the boys affected from M. Poirier’s actions will spend the rest of their lives with psychological scars, which are hard to erase from one’s memory.

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