Lévis’ New Fire Station Opens

Lévis’ New Fire Station Opens

The city of Lévis, on the south shore of Québec City, inaugurated its new firehall on Wednesday March 26. The new installation, designated #6, is located on the southside of Lévis’ territory in St. Hélène-de-Breakeyville and will be used to serve the more remote areas south of the city, like Charny and St. Jean de Chrysostome.

The new station is the forth hall for the area and for now will be equipped with a pump truck and a tank truck. The tank truck is necessary for more rural areas as sometimes a water supply may not be readily adjacent to a fire. A ladder truck will be available if required from a nearby facility.

The new firestation was built at a cost of $4.3 million and will be manned by 4 fulltime firefighters 24 hours a day, bringing the total number of personnel for the whole Lévis area to 104. With another station planned for next year in Pintendre, the total number of able bodied firefighters on Lévis` payroll will be 120 by 2016.

The mayor of Lévis was proud of the new endeavor and wanted to inform the citizens of the surrounding villages that they could now feel more secure with the new equipment in their area, which should greatly reduce the average response time.

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