Lévis – soon to be a city of parks

Lévis – soon to be a city of parks

Lévis (Quebec) 30 June 2015 – The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier wants his city to become a city of parks where people can come and relax and enjoy the greenery making it a tourist attraction in its own right.

He hopes to have 10 large city parks landscaped and customized within 8 to 10 years to embellish the city and make it more accessible for its citizens and tourists alike. They would include bike trails, walking trails and even some water fountain attractions.

The first parks to be revamped will be la Martinière, les Ecarts, and la ferme Chapais which still belongs to the Federal Government. The city has been negotiating the cost of buying the land since 2012.

In the meantime the municipality is going to modernize the 285 kid’s parks that dot the city’s landscape which the mayor admits are in need of major updates.

The mayor would like private companies to get on board with the project and try to convince them to turn their grounds into attractive green spaces, giving as an example the Valero refinery that keeps a “green space” around its infrastructure that isn’t really all that green.

The money, as usual, will be coming from the, Municipal, Provincial and Federal pockets and everything is already on track to complete the desired results within the ten year deadline.

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