Lévis sur neige 2013

Lévis sur neige 2013

Lévis sur neige will offer a revamped competition for the third edition which will take place Saturday March 9th at the Lévis Centre de plein-air (Mont Lauzon).

Inspired by the X Games, but in a more modest version, the new formula will give a street competition effect. It is organized by Étienne Demers, owner of the Five-O Boardshop and in collaboration with Quebec Board Union. There will be a start line and the competitor can choose between five to six modules and there are some for every level.

This year, the accent will be on snowboards but also on freeskiing. A partnership was also concluded with the Massif du Sud who will come and install the modules and also send a judging team to help determine the winners.

Like all outdoor events, Mother Nature will definitely have her say in the proceedings. The organizers who still remember last year’s rain are crossing their fingers for it not to happen this time around. They wish to have at least 60 athletes compete.

Even though the concept has been reviewed, the objective is still to please the youth and offer them an opportunity to compete in a relaxed atmosphere. The organizers want to initiate the kids’ first or second competition. This is a more festive event with a much different ambiance.

Two categories will be offered: 14-years old and under for $5 and 15-years old and up for $10 to signup.

The athletes and companies presented during this event will continue the night at the Délice Nightclub for a night which resembles a cottage party.
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