Liberal candidate wants to save St.-Jean-Baptist church in Quebec

Liberal candidate wants to save St.-Jean-Baptist church in Quebec

Main pic: Clocher de l’Église St-Jean-Baptiste de Québec prise de l’intersection de la rue de la Claire-Fontaine et du boulevard René-Lévesque Est. Photo credit: Malimage.

The federal government should contribute financially to the project to restore St. Jean-Baptist church, believes Liberal candidate, Jean-Yves Duclos.

“We can help,” said the candidate in an interview with Le Devoir Thursday. “This church absolutely needs to be preserved. It is a duty and a responsibility.” In Mr. Duclos’s opinion, the project aiming to provide the church with a new life could be financed by the social infrastructure program of the federal government.

The huge church that dominates the district of Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste was closed in May because they no longer had the financial means to maintain it. Built in the 1880s, it belongs to the “must see” category among the classified heritage buildings in Quebec.

It requires the work of $10 million plus the basic building basic maintenance fee of around $150,000 a year. Because it is a listed building, 80% of the work can be funded by the Ministry of Culture.

In an interview, Mr. Duclos insisted on the fact that the federal government does not intend to impose its opinion on this issue. “We want to do it in a collaborative manner. The federal government is not going to come out and say, here’s what we will do. “

Meanwhile, the project to transform the church into a field school for young artists is gaining support. On Monday, Mayor Régis Labeaume praised this project. “Jobs that aim to upgrade and restore heritage buildings are important because there are many in Quebec. […] personally, it is something that I believe in deeply. “

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