Media Pack Media Pack is an English-language news and information portal for Quebec City and the surrounding areas.

The site is used by Anglophones living in the region and those interested in settling here.
It is also used by Francophones in the process of learning English or who already speak, read and write it well. is wholly owned by Les Services Emchar inc., a Quebec City-based company.

Our Aim’s mission is to be a valuable information resource for anyone with an interest in Quebec City.
All of the team members live and work in the region and speak both English and French.
This allows us to respond quickly and accurately to requests from site users.

The Website contains four key areas:

News Section
Contains submissions from regular contributors about what’s going on in and around Quebec City.

Jobs Section
Companies and organizations offering employment opportunities in English-only or Bilingual (English/French) use this area frequently.

Events Section
A calendar containing information on local events.
Entries are submitted by site users.

Services Section
A valuable resource for anyone attempting to find companies and organizations offering services in English.

The Newsletter
An electronic newsletter sent free of charge to subscribers every Friday.
Over 1,100 subscribers receive the weekly newsletter.*
* Correct as of 1 July 2011

Advertising Rates
There are numerous opportunities available including:

Banner ad placements
Newsletter sponsorship
Individually created specific pages

Advertising costs vary depending on type and frequency of advertising.

One of the team would be happy to discuss your needs and offer a range of suitable options.

News Section
Banner ads can be placed on specific pages in the news section.

Press releases written by you.
Example advertorial piece

Individually Created Specific Pages
These contain information about and link to, your company.

Newsletter Sponsorship
The weekly newsletter can be sponsored by your company.

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