Limited Impact in Quebec

Limited Impact in Quebec

The situation has returned to normal in the different hospital centres of the Quebec region after having 3,000 of Héma-Québec’s blood products quarantined on Wednesday. In the end, no surgeries needed to be cancelled.

Marianne Potvin, spokesperson for the Public Health and Social Services of the Quebec City region explained that although forty surgeries were postponed Thursday, everything has returned to normal.

She also mentioned that they were studying how it happened and remained in constant contact with Héma-Québec. According to Ms. Potvin, postponing the surgeries was the best option after receiving word from Héma-Québec. The goal at this point is to reschedule the surgeries in the nearest future and get everything back on schedule.

Quebec’s CHU received a message on Thursday morning from Héma-Québec confirming that their demands would be met.

Genevieve Dupuis stated that the postponed surgeries will be of an utmost priority to reschedule. Of the 21 deferred interventions in give hospitals of the network, four have not yet been incorporated into the operating program of one day, but they will be as soon as possible.

This is also the case for the Graduate Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology of Quebec, where the operating is in full swing.

A decent amount of blood was received, but despite everything, the hospitals evaluate their stockpiles every day in order to prevent shortages next week.

Recall that Wednesday evening, Héma-Québec asked Quebec City hospitals to put some of the blood in temporary quarantine due to micro cracks found on the plastic tubing of a few bags of blood from the same batch, from the company Haemonetics.

Tests are always done by Héma-Québec, and the results show that safe products can be put back into circulation.
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