Lise Thibault finally pleads guilty

Lise Thibault finally pleads guilty

After five years of denying it, Lise Thibault finally pleads guilty.

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 December 2014 – Quebec’s ex-Lieutenant Governor, Lise Thibault, who has been fighting fraud charges for the last five years, has finally decided to stop pleading her innocence and plead guilty to six of the eight charges against her.

Arriving at the courthouse dressed in black, with a very stern and serious look on her face, compared to her usual smiling self, Mme Thibault took her place in front of the judge while her lawyer, Marc Labelle, stood and asked the council that she change her plea from not guilty to guilty.

The accusations against Mme Thibault cover her stay as lieutenant-governor from 1997 to 2007 where she fraudulently charged both governments, Federal and Provincial, for personal and family events and for living expenses that should have been charged to only one of the two bodies of power.

In all, the two governments were charged around $650,000 in illegal billing.

Mme Thibault always blamed the false expenses on her entourage, claiming that she was not responsible for the administration of her activities, whether they be official or not.

She also claimed that since she was representing the Queen, that the “Queen could do no wrong.”

Some expenses claimed by Mme Thibault were:

A divorce $37,797
Purchase of an RRSP $51,000
A special adapted wheelchair to play golf $17,540
Special meat cuts from the Bifteque Restaurant $5,710
Lise Thibault fund for handicapped skiing and golf $194,000
Personal lingerie purchases $1,701
Personal family celebrations, and parties $36,000

Approximate total: $642,592 including other living expenses.

The cost of battling the case for the past five years has not yet been divulged. By pleading guilty, the penalty for her actions will probably be drastically reduced and she may not even have to serve any jail time.

Mme Thibault is 75 years old.

The case against her, which started in 2007 contained 400,000 pages of proof and accusations.

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