Little Baby Boom at the CHUL

Little Baby Boom at the CHUL

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 March 2015 – Births are occurring at breakneck speed, these days, at the CHUL maternity ward. The ward is filled to its maximum capacity, forcing triggered labour to be deferred to the next day.

“There have been a lot of deliveries this week and yesterday (Thursday). Currently, we have five women in labour and 29 occupied beds out of 31,” reported on Friday a spokesperson for the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, Geneviève Dupuis.

Although attendance is important in obstetrics, the situation is not exceptional, says Dupuis. The lack of places in the motherhood center is a concern nonetheless.

At 41 weeks of pregnancy, a young mother of the region was to be triggered on Friday at the CHUL, but two hours before her arrival at the hospital, she was advised that the procedure was pushed to back one day because of a lack of beds available.

“After 41 weeks, it begins to be risky to the baby. I’m exhausted of waiting and God knows that those who have delivered before understand that this is a long wait!” expressed, anxious, the young woman on her Facebook page.

She is expecting her second child. By late afternoon on Friday, she was in the hospital, but had not given birth.

“When a trigger is pushed, the woman and the unborn baby are always evaluated beforehand to ensure that all is well. Mom does not have to worry. If necessary, it will be reassessed,” assured Ms. Dupuis.

As of April 1, a protocol is in place at the CHUL to advise women that a triggered labour can be pushed off from one to three days maximum, depending on the availability of beds and medical condition of the mother and child.

The same procedure is applied to the Saint François d’Assise hospital. Last year, the two hospitals recorded 8415 births.

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