Local boy makes it to national barista contest

Local boy makes it to national barista contest

For those of us who rely on a well known Canadian coffee chain for a cup of morning joe, what do we make of this?

Our first question was, “What is a barista”? According to a well known search engine, a barista (Italian) is “a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee” and apparently that would be correct. Not only is that correct but, there is a contest to compete to be the best barista in the world and it’s taken very seriously by those in the trade.

Our guy hasn’t made it to international level just yet, but he is on his way to Toronto to try to become Canada’s top barista in the Canadian Coffee and Tea show being held this weekend.

Jean-Daniel Lajoie works as a barista at Brûlerie de café de Quebec, on rue St. Jean, here in Quebec City.

He was introduced to the profession on a trip to Australia where coffee is a very popular item and where he managed to pick up a few pointers from local baristas; since then it has become his passion.

He will compete in Toronto against 16 other competitors, for the title of Canadian Barista Champion and if he wins, he will be off to Seattle next spring to compete in the International competition to try to become the best barista in the world.

To qualify for the contest, he prepared a ‘macchiato with goat butter, maple syrup, raspberry, blueberry, and lavender’ in the Eastern Canada rally in Victoriaville last weekend.

So next time we go for a coffee, maybe we should have a little more respect for the person who serves us that ‘cappuccino à la cannelle‘, for they might just be the best barista in the world.

Does that beat a double double?

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