Local boy makes shortlist to live on Mars

Local boy makes shortlist to live on Mars

A resident of Charlesbourg has made it to the second round of selection to be chosen as one of the first inhabitants on the planet Mars_OneMars. He calls himself Bryan “Brayn” (Alias) and he is among the 1,058 on the list reduced from the original 202,586 volunteers.

The project called “Mars One” was started online by a person from the Netherlands who intends to send people to Mars by the year 2025. Whether or not the whole thing is serious is another matter, but the plans are there, and the financing is coming in on a regular basis from some very influential people. There’s even talk of making it a reality show.

The requirements are stringent and the most dramatic eligibility of all is to resign yourself to the fact that you won’t be coming back. Yep, it’s a one way ticket. You must be willing to follow some strict rules and some heavy physical training in order to prepare for the trip which will take 8 months to complete just to get there.

The plan is to have a supply (food & material) module launched in 2018 followed by 4 astronauts in 2022 and a camp set up by 2025.

Bryan says he’s ready for anything, but still has a long way to go to be chosen as one of the 24 people who will leave Earth forever.

Anyone who wants to follow the progress of this endeavor can follow it at www.mars-one.com.

Question is, will we still refer to these people as earthlings or will they become the true Martians?


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