Local Quebec products for less money

Local Quebec products for less money

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 May 2015 – Quebec City residents will soon be able to buy local meat and cheese products from a new “warehouse pricing” style store which is in the process of setting up shop at 195 rue Joly, in Limoilou.

The idea is simple according to the owners of the new store called Le Frigo; offer fresh local produce at a price competitive to Costco. The new business venture is headed up by Pierre Gagné and Christian Vignola who already own Viandex, a meat wholesaler that supplies numerous local stores. They expect to sell their fruit and vegetables at 30% to 40% cheaper than grocery stores and will offer fresh meat at 25% less than the local grocers.

There will be no membership fee and customers won’t be expected to buy large quantities in order to save the 25%. If you only want a pound of hamburger meat, you’ll only have to buy a pound of hamburger meat.

The owners are calling their style of retailing a “cash and carry” business. Whether or not that will have a direct effect on the over the counter payment process was not discussed, but it would make sense as debit cards and credit cards charge a certain percentage forcing retailers to cover the difference.

The new store should open in mid June, and will offer healthy, fresh and local produce, as much as possible, but don’t expect to find any “ketchup” or bags of chips on the shelves.

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