Locker room sex abuse a problem

Locker room sex abuse a problem

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 May 2015 – In a recent study done by Sylvie Parent, a Laval University physical education professor it was discovered that about 1 out of 20 sexual abuse cases concerning teenagers takes place in the locker rooms of sporting events, and the abuser is the coach of the teams.

The report, published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence comes to the conclusion after interviewing 6,450 Quebec high school students between the ages of 14 and 17 from 34 different schools. From the number consulted 0.5% (32) claimed to have had or was the subject of sexual contact with a coach. Of all the young people (10.2%) who say they have been sexually abused at some time in their life, the stats show that 1 out of 20 or of those sexual contacts were from their coaches while playing sports.

In Mme Parent’s study 1.2 % (77) of those interviewed said the contacts were consensual, and another 0.4% (26) said they were victims of sexual harassment by their coach.

Surprisingly enough the report also showed that boys are more often sexually abused by their coaches than girls.

Mme Parent goes on to say that the real statistics are probably worse than the actual results because a lot of young boys prefer to conceal any abuse they may have had in order to protect themselves or even the coach.

Whatever the reality, the problem is a serious one, at least in Quebec, since these figures are from a study done only in the province.

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