London Buses on Quebec Streets

London Buses on Quebec Streets

Red-double-decker-busA two-story bus, similar to the double deckers used in London, UK, will be tested during the upcoming weeks on two express courses of the Capital Transportation Network (RTC).

The prototype, lent by the British company Alexander Dennis, will take route 236 in the morning, which leaves from Charlesbourg towards Parliament Hill and the 254 in the afternoon from the Grand Théâtre to Beauport.

It is the same supplier as in London except that it is not red and it is their aerodynamic version.
In March, RTC users can freely come onboard of this new bus and give their opinion and comments to the RTC, who will decide for the future years, if they want to buy such vehicles which cost more than $700, 000. Ottawa, Toronto, and Victoria in British Columbia, are already using these buses that have 82 seats and a Wi-Fi service.

This new model allows circulating on highways comfortably and it avoids passengers to be standing at speeds of 100km/h and up. Having such vehicles on certain courses could reduce certain costs which are in the RTC strategic review plans.

According to the driver who will be using the two-story bus for the next two weeks, the bus is very comfortable and easy to drive. RTC verified that the bus will not have to go under causeway during the ride.

All aboard! Tickets please.
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