Long awaited medical centre finally opens in Charlesbourg

Long awaited medical centre finally opens in Charlesbourg

With the official opening of the Medical City of Charlesbourg (Clinique Médicale de Charlesbourg) on October 30th, the district now has its clinic of family physicians. Located on the second floor of  Carrefour Charlesbourg, it fills the needs of a local population, which had limited access to such services for 20 years.

The new centre was conceived by the same group that is already installed at the Clinique Médicale de Ste Foy. Denise Trudel, the MNA for Charlesbourg was present for the opening and was pleased to see the project finally up and running.

The outcome is a clinic equipped with state of the art technology, which is rare in today’s medical practice, and is built on the idea of shared work between doctors and nurse support. This will lighten the load of the practitioners taking into account their various auxiliary tasks, thereby increasing the ratio of patients per doctor. Another innovation, the implementation of an electronic medical records system is also part of the effort to maximize productivity. The goal is to treat 15,000 patients per year, with a team of 20 to 30 family physicians by 2015

For now, however, there are only eight or nine who are showing an interest in joining the clinic in the coming months, as family doctors. Several medical specialists on the other hand are sharing time in the new centre as well as Ste Foy. Of these, two are already in position : Dr Simon Roussel offering psychiatric care and the Lobe group offering, entomology and audiology services.

For now the clinic will only be open from 8am to 12pm, but as more doctors come on board the clinic hopes to be able to serve patients 363 days a year, either with appointments or walk-ins.
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