Lorette River Flood Zone: Owners Suing City

Lorette River Flood Zone: Owners Suing City

Quebec City (Quebec) October 26, 2014 – Owners of two buildings on Boulevard Hamel, located within the revised flooding zone of the Lorette river are suing the Québec City for the lost value of their building as a consequence of being in the new flooding zone.

The buildings’ owners purchased the building in 2012, thinking it was outside the river’s established risk zone for flooding.  However, the river’s flooding zone was officially revised by the city administration’s urban planning department last July, and the zone now includes their buildings.  This, they argue, substantially decreases their building’s rent and resale value.

The owners are not suing for the city to change its flooding analysis in their favour – water flooding, after all, doesn’t have to respect the city’s maps.  However, the buildings’ owners claim that the city administration’s environment and engineering departments were well aware of the real flooding zone extent dating back to at least 2009, and so that the city failed to properly warn would-be buyers of the risks that came with the property.

This is the latest of a long series of administrative headaches caused by the Lorette River’s frequent flooding. With climate change and increasing urbanisation in the area threatening to make such events ever more common, everyone is hoping that Ancienne-Lorette and Québec officials can come to a long-term solution.

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