Losing arm does not stop Quebec paraglider

Losing arm does not stop Quebec paraglider

Saguenay (Quebec) 9 September 2015 – He’s 51 years old and even after losing an arm in a previous airborne accident, Alain Gauthier from Quebec City has no intention of stopping his favourite sport anytime soon.

M. Gauthier is an avid fan of hangliding and paragliding but was victim to an unfortunate incident earlier this year when his parachute got caught up in some high-tension power lines where he was electrocuted, and believed he was dead, until some friends came and rescued him. He jolted back to life once on the ground but was rushed to hospital with burns and a right arm rendered useless which was quickly amputated.

After 77 days in hospital and rehabilitation, Alain was anxious to get back up into the air and practice his favourite sport. He even started paragliding secretly, against his doctor’s and caregivers advice, before his physiotherapy was over.

Participating this past weekend in Saguenay at the Festiciel festival, M. Gauthier hooked up his newly adapted parachute gear and took to the air just like before the accident. Normally one needs two hands to control a paraglider but Alain installed a special one-handed bar with which he can navigate using only his left arm.

Some say he’s crazy, but his passion for the sport is such that he simply cannot stay grounded even after having had a near death experience.

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