Losing Weight in Quebec City

Losing Weight in Quebec City

Submitted by Peter Stuart


Well folks, I’m back. I haven’t written anything for Life in Québec for several months now, but there’s a reason for that. I’ve been working seven days a week at my regular jobs at St. Patrick’s Parish and doing ESL monitoring with APPEAL. Not only that, but I decided to go back on a rigorous weight loss program just before last Christmas of 2012.

Well guess what? I’ve lost 30 lbs.!!! How did I do it? Well, for one just follow the Canada Food Guide folks and you’ll lose weight! Also, another way to do it is to swear off refined sugar, the Great Satan. With me it had become an all-consuming obsession, akin to alcohol and drug addiction and I’d gained back 55 lbs. in just over 3 years just by relapsing and going back to eating and drinking products with refined sugar in them. Crazy, eh?

I know for me, what with my metabolic issues caused in large measure by the medication I take for another medical condition, which the doctors still swear up and down that ‘there’s no clear link between your medication and your decrease in thyroid functioning, Mr. Stuart’, I find myself in need of abstaining virtually totally from refined sugar so as to not puff up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

The only refined sugar I now consume is what there is in some breakfast cereals and canned foods, condiments like ketchup and relish, and things like syrup and jams. Apart from that I’ve given up all other forms of refined sugar such as soda pop, even the diet stuff I don’t touch it, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cake, pie, brownies, muffins, loaf of any kind, nada.

That, along with reducing portion sizes has been very successful in losing weight. I’d say I’ve reduced my potato, pasta, rice and bread consumption by easily 25-35%. Same goes for meat. I’ve increased my consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and have gone back to walking at least 30-60 minutes on average 5-7 days per week. Rare is the day when I don’t get my 30 minute walk in. The weather has to be really lousy and my mood really black to not push myself to do it. Some days I’ve been so energized that I’ve been going for 90-120 minutes of walking in one day!

But like the title of this article alludes to, I’m competing with some pretty negative stuff on TV when I get home from work and have supper then plunk myself down in front of the boob tube to watch Jeopardy. So usually I’m tuned into one of the main American networks. It’s amazing, all the commercials seem to be tailored and targeted at older, sick, obese, constipated people with sore, stinky feet.

Not a minute goes by without being assaulted by a commercial for COPD medication, or for erectile dysfunction, arthritis, bladder control problems, high-blood pressure, Depression, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux disease, sore, smelly feet, osteoporosis and so on. That and cars. Cars cars and more cars. It would appear that North Americans are all fat, sick, old or some combination of the previous and are currently sitting at home in their La-Z-Boy being told what to do so as to buy the right car to go pick up their medications at the pharmacy and at the same time, why not drop by Friendly’s, Applebee’s or Denny’s and get some gynormous meal smothered in cheese and bacon for under $20.00 on your way home with your meds in your brand new car so that you can sit back down into your La-Z-Boy after having taken a nice stool softener you bought at the pharmacy with your new car and going to relieve yourself on the throne.

That’s why I often turn off the TV after Jeopardy. I just can’t stand the lifestyle commercials that are being broadcast. They appear to be symptomatic of an overall diseased mentality which now afflicts all of North America. That of overconsumption and affluence.

I think I’ll stick with my Canada Food Guide, 25-35% less carbs and protein, no sugar added, and walkies everyday. It’s worked so far. Might as well keep on truckin’!!!


About the author:

Peter Stuart is a freelance writer based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
He has a degree in Canadian Studies from the University of Ottawa.
He has written Op-Ed pieces for the last ten years for publications including: Le Soleil, La Presse, Quebec Chronicle Telegraph and Impact Campus.
Peter writes in both French and English, and and has published his first book, entitled ‘The Catholic Faith and the Social Construction of Religion: With Particular Attention to the Québec Experience’.

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  1. peter
    peter 19 March, 2013, 10:41

    Well done Sir ! Losing weight is not that easy a task compared to gaining weight , the extra pounds that we carry is a burden both physically and psychologically , now a days we eat to reward ourselves or to suppress our negativity and with fast foods practically on every corner we are in a constant state of being served with these empty meals at any time of day . So true when watching television , certainly the American networks how much they are pushing medication on the viewer to the point that at times they present a medication with little info , then tell you to speak to your Doctor . CNN is a good example , I do believe that they have become a pharmacie channel , with breaking news when it happens . A balanced meal followed by a brisk walk does wonders . As the saying goes , ” Mens Sana In Corpore Sano ”
    A sound mind in a healthy body .

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