Lost your dog? There’s an App for That.

Lost your dog? There’s an App for That.

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 May 2015 – A Québec company wants to launch a new app function that would help people find or report a lost or found dog. The company, Baldgorilla, wants to introduce the new app, which will be titled YüK, in July of this year.

The app would be regional and would require all dog owners and lovers to be a member in order to function properly. Membership would be free but would require an applicant to supply a picture of his pet, together with a description of race, colour and age of the animal. Any animal carrying a municipal dog tag with a number would help increase the communication process through the app. The company describes the feature as an AMBER alert for pets and would work pretty much the same way, notifying the population to be on the lookout for a certain dog or cat if they should become lost or missing or even stolen. The same applies for someone who finds a stray dog or cat.

M. Portaria, spokesman for Baldgorilla, explains that if the municipalities and veterinarians got on board a wealth of information could be included on a particular pet’s bio info which would be on the Yük app. The company would like to expand across Canada if the application becomes useful. Although the problem of errant animals is a serious issue for municipalities, so far the City’s of Lévis and Quebec are somewhat hesitant to buy into the idea.

The idea of such an app was suggested by Pierre Coté, and his son Samuel. Samuel runs a dog refuge in Québec City.

This story was published as an exclusive article by Le Soleil newspaper, May 19, 2015.

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