Louis Jolliet collides with wharf

Louis Jolliet collides with wharf


Quebec City’s local cruise ship and party boat the Louis Jolliet had some difficulty lining up in its usual berth spot Monday May 26, causing it to ram the dock and considerably damage its front hull. Like in any boating accident the shock of hitting something took everyone by surprise and the 77 passengers who were on board were shaken up enough that three of them were taken to hospital by ambulance. The three people were tourists and were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure although one of them had her head covered in a bandage.

The accident happened at 3:30 pm at the end of the 2 pm cruise. A lot of furniture was overturned together with  glasses being broken, and storage cupboards being emptied. The boat will be out of service for an undetermined span of time and will greatly affect the companies activities until the necessary repairs can be accomplished.

The Louis Jolliet is a popular item with tourists as it offers an hour and a half tour of the shoreline from Cap Rouge, around the Island of Orleans and then back to port providing a spectacular view of the city and surrounding area. It also makes an evening cruise for local residents who want to celebrate weddings, office parties or special receptions for different occasions.

An investigation is underway to determine why the accident happened and whether or not human error was involved. There were very high winds on the water at the time. All outings on the boat have been cancelled until further notice.

The Louis Jolliet was involved in another accident a year ago off the shore of Île d’Orleans where all passengers had to be lifted from the boat when it grounded itself on a rocky shoreline at low tide.

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