Louis-Jolliet Runs Aground

Louis-Jolliet Runs Aground

A Rare Marine Evacuation

One of Quebec City’s most famous ships has delighted many photographers yesterday with a mishap that has raised some concerns and many questions.

Louis-Jolliet-QuebecThis incident without consequence has caused one passenger to go into a nervous shock. Besides that, a group of students from a secondary school in the region will have an extraordinary story to tell the next few years.

If the older generation can remember the festive soirées on the St. Lawrence, a young group of kids and a handful of foreign tourists will recall when the ship got stuck downriver at low speeds and could not return.

With a crew of 13 people, the Louis Jolliet ran aground shortly before 3 pm on the western tip of l’île d’Orléans, near Sainte-Pétronille with 57 passengers on board. Ironically, the family that owns AML Cruises is from this area. Despite the inconvenience, the ship returned to dock in the evening.

“I had the impression that they were having mechanical problems and the low tide made the ship drift a bit. Under normal circumstances you try not to pass this close to an island voluntarily,” said a commercial ship captain.

Following the incident, the company announced that there were no injuries aboard and that all passengers would soon be brought back to the mainland. Passengers were made to board the Bertrand-Jeansonne prior to being returned to Pier 17 in Quebec.

Near l’Espace Dalhousie where the ticketing booth for the Louis-Jolliet sits, many boarded a bus to get near where the ship ran aground.

When the passengers arrived on the western tip of l’île d’Orléans, near Sainte-Pétronille, many were curious and wanted to know what had occurred. The low tide at 6:50 pm provided an opportunity for many people to walk along the shore. The damages done to the ship have yet to be determined.

The Canadian Coast Guard has confirmed that water had not breached the ship’s hull, and the nothing has been released from the ship.

The Transportation and Safety Board of Canada has deployed a team to the scene to gather information and assess the incident. The Board does not have the power to determine civil or criminal liability.

The Louis-Jolliet is not subjected to the compulsory piloting test Corporation des pilotes du Saint-Laurent.

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