Love story gone bad as wannabe police officer arrested for attempted murder

Love story gone bad as wannabe police officer arrested for attempted murder

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 September 2015 – A young student who was taking courses to become a police officer has been arrested and is in court this week on charges of attempted murder, assault with a weapon and making death threats to his ex-girlfriend of three years.

Vincent Langlois-Laroche, 25 never accepted that his girlfriend Caroline Pagé, 23, no longer wanted to see him and that she had fallen out of love with her good-looking boyfriend.

After several weeks he arranged to meet her to discuss a possibility that they could get back together but Ms. Pagé was having no part of it.

About three months later Caroline was affronted by an individual in the parking lot of her place of work just after midnight where she was beaten on the head with a hard object, and was told to get in a car.

She managed to escape her aggressor, who turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, and was taken to the emergency room by a passer-by at the hospital where she worked.

Upon investigation police found a note in M. Langlois-Laroche’s car describing how he would get rid of his ex-girlfriend, or her body, by putting her in the trunk of his car, dumping her somewhere and then going to have breakfast with his parents.

He had also installed a GPS under his ex’s car to be able to follow her goings-on.

Needless to say, we don’t think we’ll be seeing M. Langlois-Laroche in any police force anytime soon.

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