Love triangle turns ugly – Part two

Love triangle turns ugly – Part two

It’s happened again; a story of love and murder all in the same day, this time in Trois Rivières, a city just an hour and a half west of Quebec City. It all took place during the night of February 11, 2014, with the police arriving on the scene at 8am.

It appears the slaying was planned well in advance by the suspects who are in police custody having been arrested at the scene after police answered a 911 call pleading for help from the sister of one of the love triangle’s victims.

One of the suspects, (a minor 17 years old, who cannot be named at this time) was out to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend having planned the coup a week before, and even talking about it on his Facebook page. He bought the guns, planned the murder and executed the whole thing with finesse and conviction. The two suspects arrived by bus with the guns hidden in their sport bags at the victims house and wasted no time putting their plan into action. It has not yet been determined if the second suspect who was involved is merely a friend or a family member.

Caught by surprise by the older sister of his ex-girlfriend who was not expected to be at home at the time the suspects resorted to taking her down at the same time, just after she had a chance to call 911.

The three victims are Raphaëlle Boisvert (the ex-girlfriend), her new boyfriend Jessy Chalifour and the unfortunate sister Roxanne Boisvert, 22.

The two suspects in the case were caught red handed seen exiting the house when the police arrived on the scene. The suspects appeared in court Wednesday, February 12, and will apparently plead not guilty. Although both individuals are under 18, the court is trying to get them tried as adults, which would change the court proceedings and sentences if and when the young couple are found guilty of 1st degree murder.
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