Love Your Local Business Contest Set to Launch Again in Quebec

Love Your Local Business Contest Set to Launch Again in Quebec

Montreal, May, 2013 – Following a very successful debut in 2012, CEDEC once again will host its “Love Your Local Business Contest” to promote small businesses in Quebec and highlight their economic contributions and impact on communities.

In 2012, over 140  businesses participated. Combined, they garnered over 31,000 votes and the Love Your Local Business contest website registered more than 126,000 thousand hits.  This year, CEDEC wants to grow this number in order to increase its impact on Quebec businesses and heighten their visibility in the province and beyond.

“Quebec’s small businesses play an extremely important role in our economy,” said Stacey Dakin, Operations Manager at CEDEC, who presented the contest. “In Quebec, 310,000 small and medium-sized enterprises make up 97% of all businesses.  They employ over half of our province’s workforce. But they need visibility and support to grow, which is what the Love Your Local Business Contest is all about.”

The Love Your Local Business Contest will have a one-month registration period throughout September with tools to help businesses develop creative and dynamic entries.  Voting will be open on October 1-31, 2013, and the race will be on for businesses to garner the most votes.  The top five vote getters will be scrutinized by a jury, which will select one business to receive the Grand Prize, a 30-second television commercial which will air on CBC Television.

Natalie Gore, Owner/Founder of Bailey Blu Pet Boutique in Montreal and last year’s winner of the contest, benefited from the Grand Prize, a commercial that aired on CBC Television in December and January.

“We really had to work hard to get out there in our community and ask our friends, family, customers, suppliers, even our bank tellers, to vote for us,” said Gore. “I learned so much from this contest like the importance of community to the growth of my business and the importance of having a solid on-line presence.”

CEDEC is lining up additional sponsors and supporters which will be announced at and through a social media campaign starting this summer.

In addition to the Love Your Local Business Contest, the CEDEC Small Business Support Network works year-round to host learning opportunities, workshops, and networking events, and provides direct links to partners with specific expertise to help their businesses develop.

Membership offers benefits such as discounted rates on business training, and access to CEDEC’s partners and service providers.  Business owners across Quebec can become members by registering at


CEDEC is a leading partner and driving force for community economic development and employability. A volunteer-driven organization, CEDEC sparks economic innovation in building forward-looking, prosperous and confident communities across Quebec through sharing expertise, knowledge and building partnerships. CEDEC is funded by the Government of Canada’s Enabling Fund.

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