Lowes Le Concorde Shuts

Lowes Le Concorde Shuts

A sad day for a longtime employee.

With the closing of one of Quebec City’s more prominent hotels, Loews Le Concorde, one of the employees was perhaps more affected than others and with good reason. Ms Cécile Nassif was one of the first and most senior workers at the famous hotel and basically spent her whole working life there, looking after the patrons and loving it. She was the first waitress at the revolving restaurant atop the hotel starting the very first day the hotel opened 40 years ago and she was still on the job the last day of operations on February 13, at noon. She was actually chosen as the person to lock the door of the hotel for the very last time at 12:01.

Mme Nassif was sad about the closing and was close to taking her retirement but said she will leave with some great memories like the times she served Metallica, and the German rock group Rammstein.

She placed a wreath and a crucifix at the door at the same time she locked up signifying her emotions towards the closing.

The hotel gave two major reasons for closing, the first being that the recent renovations were very costly and secondly, the salaries had become a burden for the owners stating that the strike a few years ago and the consequences of paying higher wages to its employees made the profitability a major concern.

For the moment the hotel is supposed to be turned into an old age home, which is a vocation being highly criticised by the Mayor and the city fathers who would prefer the hotel remain as a tourist lodging of some sort due to its location situated in the middle of one of the most popular and busiest tourist areas in the city.
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