Luka Rocco Magnotta Found Guilty

Luka Rocco Magnotta Found Guilty

Montreal (Quebec) December 23, 2014 – After 8 days of deliberation, at 11:14AM today a jury has found former pornographic actor and model Luka Rocco Magnotta guilty of five criminal charges against him, including the premeditated murder of Lin Jun, a Chinese international student studying at Concordia University whom Magnotta had lured to his apartment.  Magnotta remained quiet and stoic as the verdict was announced.

The verdict puts an end to the story, which began when Magnotta recorded and uploaded a video of himself murdering and dismembering Lin, leading to an international manhunt in which Magnotta was arrested in Berlin, Germany.  Lin Jun’s father, Lin Diran, has been in Montréal for the entire duration of the trial, seated separately from the crowd with a Chinese interpreter.  In a statement read out by the court earlier today, the victim’s father described his murdered son as brave, clever, loving, adventurous, strong, and gentle.  He also highlighted his son’s sense of humour and popularity.  The Chinese victim’s father also said of Canada’s justice system: “I had come to see your trial system, to see justice done, and I leave satisfied that you have not let my son down.”  Mr. Lin also noted, with regret, the complete absence of apparent remorse from his son’s killer.

During the trial, Magnotta pleaded that he was in a state of psychosis, unable to understand the reality or implications of his actions, when he committed the crime.  Magnotta not only recorded himself murdering Lin, but also sexually abused his body, dismembered him, fed pieces of the body to his dog (which he then killed, likely by drowning it), and sent pieces of Lin’s body via Canada Post to various members of the government, including both the Conservative Party of Canada and Liberal Party of Canada offices and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

After reviewing the evidence, the jury rejected Magnotta’s defense and found him guilty of first-degree murder of Lin Jun, indignity to a dead body, publishing obscene material, transmitting obscene material through the post, and criminal harassment of the government members he sent body parts to.  Prosecutor Me Louis Bouthillier notes that, given the quantity and complexity of evidence presented, 8 days’ deliberation is not an unusual amount of time for the jury to reach a verdict.  The prosecutor also noted the stress the jury must have been under, particularly as deliberation dragged on ever closer to Christmas. The trial judge, Quebec Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer, offered praise to the jury, saying “We have asked a lot of you but you rose to the occasion and indeed proved that real and substantive justice is a reality in action. Your patience, seriousness and hard work has been obvious to us all and exemplary in a very demanding trial.”  Of the trial, which had heavy media monitoring, the judge quoted Sir Winston Churchill, saying “While it may not always be obvious to everyone, a jury trial is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilization of any country.”

Neither Magnotta nor his defense attorney Me Luc Luclair made any comment.

Following the verdict, Magnotta faces life in prison, as the prosecution is asking for the maximum possible sentence for each crime.  The case may still go to appeal.

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