MA Program Description – Study in English in Quebec

MA Program Description – Study in English in Quebec

MA Program Description

This program will initiate you to research in English Literatures while allowing you to probe the corpus more deeply than you have at the undergraduate level.  Over the course of your time at Laval, you will engage with a stimulating range of primary and theoretical texts.  The program is particularly strong in modern and contemporary literature and cultural studies, which students will examine from a variety of critical and methodological approaches.  The objective is to render the student more knowledgeable of English Literatures as cultural forces and expressions of civilizations.

Particularities and Attractions

Our seminars are relatively small in size, ensuring that students are able to explore their subjects in detail and have a generous amount of access to their professors compared to other graduate programs. 

Situated in Quebec City, the MA program at Université Laval offers students the rare opportunity to study in English while they learn and practice French as part of their daily routine.  Although Laval is a Francophone university, its library is well-stocked for research in English Literatures and students have quick and ready access to more materials through an efficient inter-library loans service.

With a high demand for experts in English and bilingual people, Quebec City offers students a range of employment possibilities.  The same can be said of the university, where students at the MA level can garner a solid experience of teaching at post-secondary level through Teaching Assistantships.  Some Research Assistantships are also available to further finance students’ studies.

Students are encouraged to participate in professional development activities.  Professors work closely with students on their projects and departmental funding is available to attend conferences and colloquia.

Employment Perspectives 

Our graduates and current students have found employment in a variety of fields, including teaching in CEGEPs (the Quebec college system) and language schools, editing, and translation.  With a growing emphasis on bilingualism in elementary schools under new reforms implemented by the Ministry of Education and Sports, there are an increasing number of opportunities for professionals with English skills.  Quebec City’s need for people competent in English is predicted to become ever more pressing in the coming years as it continues to fashion itself as a centre of digital culture and to seek markets across the globe for its growing business community.  In addition, the degree is just as useful for individuals seeking employment outside of Quebec.  It has enabled students to upgrade their credentials for teaching at the grade school level or to become college instructors in other provinces.


The professors’ research broadly falls in the fields of American, British, Canadian, and Irish Literatures.

Brad Kent

Dr. Kent’s research is interested in the intersections of literature with the political sphere. To date, he has worked extensively on the cultural politics of nationalism, the role of literary censorship in defining and challenging national identity, and the effects of institutional censorship on literary production.  Much of this work has examined Irish literature of the revival and post-independence periods and the life, writings, and theatre of Bernard Shaw.  More recently, Dr. Kent has begun work in the field of intercultural theatre, examining contemporary productions of Irish plays in Québec.

Jean-Philippe Marcoux

Dr. Marcoux’s research focuses on the cross-fertilizations between literature, music, and social movements in the postmodern American world. Ongoing research is concerned with the Umbra workshops whose poetic production in New York’s Lower East Side is often believed to have acted as progenitor to the Black Arts Movement. Also under way is a study of the blues novel by African American women after 1960. Other areas of critical interest include American poetry, Postmodern literature, and jazz studies, with special attention given to the Beat Generation, the literatures of the counter-culture in the U.S., and the graphic novel of the 1980s.

Elspeth Tulloch

Dr. Tulloch’s main area of research to date has involved the relationship between literature and film.  Her current research examines the politics of cinematic adaptation, with a focus on adaptations of Canadian literature by a major cultural institution, the National Film Board of Canada.  Her approaches are informed by concerns with representation as well as the intersection of literature with historical narrative and socio-cultural policy.  Her work has been informed by a particular interest in Anglo-Quebec literature, Western Canadian literature, and comparative literature (English-Canadian and Québécois literatures).  Recently, she has begun to relate her work to another burgeoning area of contemporary literary study, the relationship between literature and the environment. 


We offer:

  • B.A. in English (Baccalauréat en études anglaises)
  • M.A. in English (Maîtrise en littératures d’expression anglaise)

With specialists in Canadian, American, British, and Irish Literatures

Contact information:

Dr. Brad Kent, Graduate Program Director
Département des littératures
Faculté des lettres

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