Madonna in Quebec City – Get Ready, She’s Coming Soon

Madonna in Quebec City – Get Ready, She’s Coming Soon

The workers are hard at it on the Plains of Abraham, five orange tow-trucks have arrived, and the Queen of Pop is expected in Quebec City any day now.

Madonna’s venue is starting to take shape as a handful of workers are building the different installations for her show.

Fenced areas and huge white tents will greet Madonna on September 1st but, the site is still under construction for the time being.

The backstage zone is ready, the tents are in place, and the administrative areas have been installed.

Same for the VIP zone, which will be composed of bleachers, chairs, and tents on the right side of the stage. 

The singer’s stage is not yet complete, except for the presence of five orange trailers that arrived Thursday afternoon.

Let’s keep in mind that Madonna’s stage area has the biggest screens ever installed on the Plains of Abraham, in addition to LED screens.

The QuébecComm team, the concert promoters, estimated a few days ago that a little less than two weeks was needed to build the star’s stage, specially made to unfold in the crowd, where she will dance on the biggest dance floor in North America.

Madonna’s show presented in Quebec is the only one to take place in a park in North America.

This being the case, the waiting zones, the welcome and show spaces have had to be enlarged for the event.

These areas are currently closed off by fences.

The installation’s technical details should be unveiled this week.

As of today, we don’t yet know when the pop queen will either land or leave Quebec City.

This is going to be an epic show!!

Don’t miss it!
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