Maguire Avenue in Quebec City looking to rejuvenate itself

Maguire Avenue in Quebec City looking to rejuvenate itself

Main pic: Avenue Maguire, Quebec City. Photo credit: Gilbert Bochenek. 

Quebec City, Sillery (Quebec) 28 August 2015 – The business of commercialising Avenue Maguire is becoming a priority for its Société de développement commercial (SDC) – (Commercial development Board). The board, headed up by Bernhardt Beaudry doesn’t want to appear discouraged stating that the street has always had its “ups and downs”, but with the recent closing of the areas only convenience store and a Jardin Mobile which had a floor space of 6,000 sq. feet, the business community would like to see some new companies set up shop on Sillery’s most famous street.

The vice president of the SDC, Camil Lacroix suggests the installation of a pub or a bar à vin would be welcome.

Right now there is no place where people can gather and relax after a day’s work. M. Lacroix is basing his idea on a survey that was sent out to 252 clients in the region where the predominant response was, that the lack of a pub was curtailing the attraction of people to come and enjoy a brew or two in their local area.

The addition of parking meters has also become a concern for the SDC, since customers now have to pay to run in and get some groceries or buy a magazine, although there is free 2 hour parking in the adjoining streets.

Whatever the cause for the lull in commerce on the street, the SDC is wants the business community to know they are open for business, especially for someone who wants to open a pub.

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