Maguire Reserved for Foot Traffic on Sunday Nights?

Maguire Reserved for Foot Traffic on Sunday Nights?

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 May 2015 – Although the sector traders are divided on the issue, the Business Development Corporation (SDC) Maguire would transform the avenue into a pedestrian street during the five Sunday evenings of August.

“We did an internal survey and it was on the list of priorities of some traders. But I will not deny that other traders and professionals are very reluctant,” admitted Bernhardt Beaudry, Director General of the SDC Maguire. “It will be tested this summer.”

Starting in the late afternoons of August Sundays, the Maguire Avenue in Sillery will be closed to traffic. “And every week will be devoted to a different theme animated matter,” said M. Beaudry.

With the notable exception of the intramural portion of the rue Saint-Jean, which will continue its tradition pedestrian summer from June 4, various SDC of the city are sharing their reluctance with cutting off cars from their main roads.

Marc-André Pâlin, General Manager of SDC Montcalm district has discussed the recent experience on Cartier Avenue. “A test was done in 2011 and 2012. The fact is that it was not working. It was too complicated to handle for deliveries to retailers. Also, there are too many negative impacts on parking lots.”

At the SDC Faubourg Saint-Jean, the head of communications Jean-Olivier Porter leaned towards “specific activities”, during which the western portion of Rue St. Jean can be temporarily closed to traffic. “Otherwise, it’s complicated to implement and it is not easy for deliveries. The small project is a double-edged sword,” he says.

Similar reasoning the side of the Saint-Sauveur SDC. According to its director Raphael St-Gelais, a proposed pedestrian street directly “harms” the neighborhood. “It’s a lot of logistics. And there is no real demand,” he believes. Catherine Raymond, executive director of the SDC Saint-Roch, said meanwhile that “puzzle would be very complex to implement.”

Inspired by European cities such as Bordeaux or Brussels, Mayor Labeaume has repeatedly expressed its support for the multiplication of pedestrian streets in Québec. He nevertheless insisted that the projects must be brought forward by SDCs and not by the municipality. “We have no pedestrian game plans on long-term,” recently agreed the Vice President of the Executive Committee, Julie Lemieux.

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