Maison des Aînés are Having a Party

Maison des Aînés are Having a Party

There is always a celebration on December 31. But people get older and kids prefer celebrating with people their own age leaving behind many people who end up alone on New Year’s Eve, but with the Maison des Aînés, people can have a good time.

Many people are in this situation every year. From the very beginning, the Maison des Aînés has organized a December 31 party.

They receive and are happy to see people and people are happy to see them as well. Many come because they are alone, to have fun, to dance, eat, and have a good time.

Again this year, the organizing committee has put in a lot of effort to make it a festive night. First of all, the room fills up with magic. This year’s theme is snow!

Music and dance are special; the point is to make all types of people dance together. The organizers take part in it too as well as all the volunteers who are there the whole night to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

This year, the party will begin at 8pm.

Music, dance, gifts, and of course the big count down until midnight and then more celebrations and surprises.

Open to All

Whether this is your first time or not, the Maison des Aînés welcomes everyone.

Do not be put off by the word Aînés (Old Age). Young people can also celebrate with them.

If people want to come as a family, it is possible to reserve tables.

A maximum of 250 people can attend. To reserve, contact the Maison des Aînés on 418 838-4100 or by email

If you do not have transport, again, contact the Maison des Aînés who will help organise car pooling.
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