Maison Tanguay – After the Misfortune

Maison Tanguay – After the Misfortune

Sometimes hardship leads to good things.

That was cearly the case last Sunday, when Micheline Labelle, injured worker and mother of a disabled child, won the jackpot from the Maison Tanguay draw even though she had only purchased one ticket. 

She has the choice between the house or $500,000 in cash.

Her plan?

Take the money and buy a small house and an apartment building to have some personal income.

After the Misfortune

 The mother has often been struck by bad luck over the years.

She used to work in a grocery store and had a terrible accident restricting her from doing any work. She now receives a life pension from the CSST. 

A few years ago, she suffered from depression and she was starting to climb back up to where she once was.

This amazing slice of good fortune should at least give her a helping hand.

Last Sunday, Ms. Labelle was accompanied by her ex-husband Marcel Lemieux, who has been very supportive of her and his children, in recent years. 

Her daughter is handicapped and it requires a lot of energy to look after her. She is already a member of the Maurice Tanguay Foundation, which has already provided much-needed help.

The Foundation has also set a record this year by selling nearly 200,000 tickets for the draw.

This is the first time they have sold so many.

This has enabled them to donate approximately $1.5 million to the foundation.
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