Major Snow Crab Haul Intercepted

Major Snow Crab Haul Intercepted

Matane (Quebec) 4 May 2015 – A load of snow crab from Ua-shat-Mak Mani-Utenam a First Nations community up on the Québec North Shore, was apprehended upon its arrival in Matane on the south shore this past week by police, together with officials from the Quebec ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture (MAPAQ).

The 30,000 lbs of crab was on its way to Nova Scotia because the Uapan Fisheries apparently couldn’t find a buyer for their catch on the North coast. Fishing and its products are controlled in Québec by L’Association Québécoise des industries de la pêche (AQIP).

The case is very similar to last year’s Québec maple syrup saga. Maple syrup is controlled by another governing body that controls the sale of the Québec produced maple syrup. Nova Scotia offers a better price for crab, lobster, and maple syrup to producers wherever they live. Consequently, the Québec producers would prefer to sell their harvest to the highest bidder, but because of the MAPAQ’s strict policy on the sale of Quebec produced goods, any product harvested in Québec has to stay in Québec. For the load of crab meat that was coming from Uapan, the manager of the fishery, Yan Tremblay expected his product to be exempt from MAPAQ rules because it was caught on a first Nations reserve.

The crab on the refrigerated truck was not lost however because the MAPAQ found a buyer for its contents in Gaspé, a couple of hours from Matane.

The Association of Zone 16 (North Coast) fishermen and the AQIP have been in an on-going dispute over the sale of their harvest for some time now.

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