Man Burned in Wilfrid-Hamel Assault

Man Burned in Wilfrid-Hamel Assault

Saturday night was a scary one for anyone who happened to witness a man being set on fire by someone who had a grudge against him, or against someone he knew.

It all started around 11:30pm in a shopping centre parking lot on Wilfred Hamel boulevard where a young individual was yelling that he wanted to set fire to the Yuzu restaurant on the premises but, instead went after another individual and started beating him repeatedly and with little resistance. Once his victim was down on the ground his attacker sprayed gasoline on him from a container he obviously had at the ready and then proceeded to set the poor devil on fire, and apparently laughing about it, all at the same time.

There were several witnesses, one of whom called 911 immediately, and a two members of the military who happened to be on the scene. The two soldiers ran to the commotion, apprehended the suspect and instructed the victim to roll in the snow to extinguish himself.

Within minutes police and ambulances arrived on the scene and the two people involved were taken to hospital both suffering from burns and shock. The assailant had managed to set himself on fire at the same time but was only scorched on his forearm. The victim of the attack had burns to 30% of his body.

The police were to interrogate the attacker at the hospital and bring him in front of a Judge Monday morning.

According to those on the scene the two individuals knew each other and it is suspected that drugs may have been involved.

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