Man charged with mischief after vandalism at Montreal mosque

Man charged with mischief after vandalism at Montreal mosque

MONTREAL — A Montreal man pleaded not guilty Friday to a charge of mischief in connection with vandalism at a local mosque.

Sylvain Gingras, 50, was ordered held for 30 days so he can have a psychiatric evaluation to determine criminal responsibility.

The defence made the assessment request on Friday and the Crown did not oppose it.

A window at the Khadijah centre in southwest Montreal was smashed and the mosque had eggs thrown at it on Feb. 2.

That was the same day as a funeral in Montreal for three of the six victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting.

The charge filed by the Crown is a summary offence for mischief in connection with the broken window and is not a charge of mischief against a place of worship, as Montreal police investigators had recommended.

Ultimately, the Crown’s office has final say on the charge.

Prosecutor Catherine Souffront told the court Gingras has been followed by a psychiatrist over many years.

Gingras was arrested earlier this week on unrelated charges of assault and uttering threats related to events that happened the same day as the mosque vandalism.

The case resumes March 10.

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