Man charged with recent Université Laval sexual assault

Man charged with recent Université Laval sexual assault

A 25-year-old man was charged with sexual assault on Friday in connection with an event that took place Monday night at the Alphonse-Marie Parent Pavilion at Université Laval.

Mohamed Mehdi Ghanmi was arrested Thursday in the Saint-Roch district by investigators from the Quebec City Police Department. He was subsequently questioned and then detained.


Monday evening, a woman in her 20s who lives in the Alphonse-Marie-Parent Pavilion contacted the residence service after having been sexually assaulted. The police intervened later in the evening to file her complaint.

It is the same building where the wave of sexual assaults took place last October, but the circumstances would not be the same since Mehdi Ghanmi “knew the alleged victim and there was no breaking and entering” said Etienne Doyon, spokesperson for the SPVQ.

In response to the events, Executive Vice-President Eric Bauce said that the second the young man was charged, he was dismissed from the University. In addition, he added that he was shocked by what had happened.

The accused will return to court on Tuesday.

Pavillon Parent

In October, 19-year-old Thierno-Oury Barry was arrested for breaking and entering and sexually assaulting young women residing at the Parent Building.

In all, a dozen counts had been brought against him.

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