Man gets naked at Quebec hotel swimming pool

Man gets naked at Quebec hotel swimming pool

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 April, 2015 – Several people who were at the swimming pool in the L’Hotel Quebec on Laurier boulevard in the Ste Foy borough were shocked this weekend to see a man remove his swimming trunks and apparently ask for some kind of sexual favour from his young son directly in front of them.

An employee of the hotel was shocked as he witnessed the scene and didn’t quite know how to react. The police were called in immediately and within minutes the man was arrested and the child was sent to social services. The man, who was staying at the hotel from Victoriaville, was obviously under the influence of alcohol according to all the witnesses.

There were several tourists present and some with young children and when asked about the incident by police could not believe what they had seen. There were video-cameras functioning at the pool at the time and police expect to find valuable information from the recorded data.

The individual was charged with indecent exposure and inciting sexual behaviour from a minor, albeit his own son. He already has a judicial file and was apparently under surveillance by the courts making the case against him even more troubling. The hotel didn’t want to elaborate on the situation only to say that there is a lifeguard on duty at the pool at all times.

The accused will appear in court this week for a hearing.

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