Man Incarcerated for 7 Months Without Evidence

Man Incarcerated for 7 Months Without Evidence

A 19-year-old man was incarcerated in September of last year for supposedly having sexually assaulted two women on a bike trail in the Quebec City area. Considered to be a danger to society, the young man was held in prison instead of being released on bail awaiting a trial, in order to protect other citizens on the grounds that he was a repeat offender.

The alleged culprit, Steve Perron, was beaten and dramatically mistreated in prison and even sent letters to his mother saying he was going to kill himself because he could no longer withstand the way he was being treated. He even did everything he could so he would be sent to solitary confinement, because it was the only place where he could be alone and not be harassed by the other cellmates.

As it turns out the boy was released this week because of a lack of evidence and or proof that it was actually him who had committed the attacks. The crown plaintiff did not have any real facts that connected M. Perron to the case – only rumours and hearsay.

The lawyer for the defense on the other hand had presented proof by means of an alibi that M. Perron was not even in the area at the time the two assaults were carried out. Even the judge could not understand why the young man was not freed conditionally before his case came to court.

The city police are investigating the situation; meanwhile M. Perron’s family is threatening to sue the Quebec City police department and maybe even the Minister of Public affairs for false conviction and abuse.

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