Mandatory student union adhesion being disputed

Mandatory student union adhesion being disputed

Students – do you want the right to choose whether or not you join your respective student union?

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 November 2014 – Right now in Quebec when a student enrolls in a CEGEP (College) or University they are automatically compelled to become a member of the student association of the particular institution they are attending.

There is now a group calling themselves the ‘carrés verts’ who want to change this habit and allow the students to have the freedom of signing up to be a member or not. In other words, a student should have the right to decide whether or not they want to participate in student union activities or remain neutral.

The ‘carrés verts’ are not against the associations, but are clearly against the compulsory membership strategy.

It all started back in 2012, when the students had their huge demonstrations against the government’s idea to increase tuition fees.

The pots and pans came out and the students took to the streets to protest the new increases, which had little effect on the outcome. The problem arose when certain students did not want to take part in the demonstrations but, felt obliged to, because of certain pressures put on them due to being a member of their respective student association.

Laurent Proulx and Miguaël Bergeron are heading up the movement and will be going to court in early December, to fight the matter with the Fédérations des Etudiants universitaire et collégiales du Quebec (FECQ et FEUQ).

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