Manoir Montmorency and Spare Ribs

Manoir Montmorency and Spare Ribs

More than 100 people came to taste the wonderful spare ribs at the last cocktail-bénéfice Rotary/Desjardins, held at the Manoir Montmorency for the Communautés Solidaires organization.

Organized by the Club Rotary de Beauport, which obtained an incredible financial help from the Desjardins bank, the Vieux-Moulin, and the Chutes Monmorency, and the event collected over $12,000 all given to the Communautés Solidaires organization to help it reach its goal, which is to help people with psychological  problems.

Since it was created, 13 years ago, the organization has helped more than 3,000 people aged from 16 to 90 years old who were in distress. The results obtained with the help given are incredible. About 125 people could return on to the job market due to the support they had.

Money collected will be directly distributed to the annual budget.

The support and help by the population and other organizations is very important in order to help more people.

More than 250 people benefit from the services every year.
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