Many Bonhommes for More Cheer

Many Bonhommes for More Cheer

Even though he is unique in the world, there is more than one Bonhomme Carnaval and agenda management is not an easy task. A message is sent on the radio to let the volunteers in charge of Bonhomme’s movements know that one of them is coming back in town to take a break.

A former mascot coordinator from the earl 2000 explains that when he worked for the organization, the biggest day for Bonhomme was the one where they sell the candles. More than fifty people were contributing to the Bonhomme’s come-and-go all around the city.

Three to five Bonhommes are renamed as “visitors” could be on the road simultaneously.

The golden rule is that there is not to have two apparitions at the same time. This rule was broken once when one went to Beauce and another was in Quebec City. Hours can be very long for the person in the costume, but breaks are planned accordingly. Few people are aware that Bonhomme can be tired mainly because the organizers don’t let it happen.

Doors frames are Bonhomme’s worst nightmare, and that is when the person accompanying him becomes crucial. He makes sure that Bonhomme does not hit his head.

All this to make sure that the magic behind the Bonhomme Carnaval stays forever.

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