Marathon des Deux Rives Collecting Running Shoes

Marathon des Deux Rives Collecting Running Shoes

Every year, the Marathon des Deux Rives is a source of profit for a non-profit organization. This year, the money collected will be handed to the Lauberivière organization. The activity will be followed by another collect, unusual this time: a collect of running shoes.

Running_shoesThe organizers were wondering how to have everyone participate and they came to the conclusion to give people have the choice to donate their used shoes to the foundation.

Many people give their shoes when the shock system loses performance and most times they are still very good. So why throw them out when they could be used by others who need them?

This is how the participants to the Marathons des Deux Rives either the SSQ 5 km, the Oasis 10 km, the half marathon, and the marathon, were invited to give their shoes after the run.

The foundation was chosen this year because it corresponds to the values of the event as well as the event’s main sponsor.

Lauberivière is a great organization since it offers a home and many other services to people in need and it helps them reintegrate society.

Every year, the Maison Lauberivière offers 144,000 meals, 15,800 nights, 2160 in the rehabilitation centre, and 2,700 days of presence in social integration.
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