Marching for the environment in Quebec City

Marching for the environment in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 April 2015 – This past Saturday, April 11, a rally for the environment took place in the streets of Quebec City and the turnout was surprising for the organizers and participants alike. Around 25,000 people turned up including environmentalists from across Canada, some as far away as British Columbia. There was a substantial representation of the First Nations people as well.

The rally was organized by several different groups including, Equiterre, Nature Québec, and Idle No More. The march took place from Grande Allée through rue St. Jean and ended up at the Provincial Legislature.

The combined groups were of course protesting against using hydro-carbons as an energy source and promoting the use of electric and wind power as alternatives. Quebec has a good record for producing hydro-electric power according to Steven Guilbeault from Equiterre and should be an example to follow for the rest of the country.W

The protesters were suggesting that governments should spend more money on developing clean energy rather than wasting money on producing oil and gas products that consequently ruin the environment.

The whole rally was organised with the intention of signalling to the many politicians, who will be arriving in Quebec City this week for a conference on the environment, as to what the average Canadian thinks and cares about when it comes to the environment.

Of course the cross-Canada pipeline and the Alberta tar sands were among the most popular controversies and probably will be during the conference coming up on Tuesday.

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