Marijuana grow-ops increasing at an alarming rate

Marijuana grow-ops increasing at an alarming rate

CannabisThe Québec Provincial Police, AKA Sûreté du Québec, seized 47% more marijuana plants in and around the Québec City area in 2013 than during the same period in 2012.

Between April and October 2013 9,506 plants were confiscated and destroyed as compared to only 5,502 the previous year.

Question is; is it because the police are cracking down harder or are there more people growing pot.

Working with Revenu Québec and Hydro-Québec the police and the province hope to recuperate some lost revenue and to crack down on the illegal production which appears to be increasing rapidly.

Grow-ops are popping up all over the area and police want to inform the agriculture producers to be more vigilant when it comes to renting out land or allowing people to use their properties for other uses than growing food.

The penalties are severe, holding the owners of the land concerned, responsible for any illegal substance grown in their fields.

The owners will be held accountable for repairing the damaged ground, encouraging illegal drug trafficking and even put to a higher risk of forest fires.

Insurance companies do not reimburse any damages caused by the cultivation of cannabis.
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