Marketing a lake monster for Pohénégamook

Marketing a lake monster for Pohénégamook

Pohénégamook (Quebec) 28 May 2015 – There is a monster swimming in the waters of Lake Pohénégamook, a region and town east of Quebec City. The monster, which has been named Ponik has apparently been around since 1874 when it was first spotted by some of the native peoples of the region. He, or she, was seen again in 1957 and 1958.

Whether it be a myth, or reality the town has taken upon itself to sell the idea and the monster, as a tourist attraction complete with a photo and a short video taken by someone who actually saw the beast. The town has developed a slogan for its campaign titled, “Pohénégamook, plus qu’une legende”, or “Pohénégamook, more than a legend.”

The photo and video have been posted on the town’s Facebook page and the reaction has been overwhelming with 30% of the people believing in the creature.

M. Patrick Cyr, the town’s recreation manager says his mother saw the monster and he knows his mother would never lie, which is why he believes there is something out there, even though he has not seen it himself.

During the 1980’s a group from Toronto sent some divers to investigate the possibility of an underwater being which could survive over the years and came to the theory that there was indeed something lurking under the waters of Lake Pohénégamook.

Maybe it’s time to let the monster of Loch Ness sleep in peace and concentrate on Lake Pohénégamook, unless the two are actually related but were separated at birth, and or, are possibly of the same breed.

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