Marois Stands Strong… Possible Coalition?

Marois Stands Strong… Possible Coalition?

Even if the latest polls are hard against her party, Pauline Marois did not give up. The National Council of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Saturday, it proved it requires a majority voters.

Standing before her supporters, she compared the forthcoming elections to those of 1976, when the PQ was attacked from all sides. “Our government, yes, disturbs many people, admitted Ms. Marois. It is being attacked. But it is clear to our adversaries. We will stand firm. We will stand. And we will continue to advance Quebec,” she expressed to some 450 PQ members.

The PQ leader fingers at the Liberal Party stating that nothing has changed since Philippe Couillard took the reins. “The main force of inertia in Quebec, the biggest obstacle to integrity, she said, it is still the Quebec Liberal Party.”

Even the frustration with Québec solidaire that is ever critical to the party in power, she said, without having the courage to take a stand on Gentilly II, kindergarten at age four and the asbestos industry.

If Pauline Marois does not seem affected by the outcome of the polls among activists, anxiety is more tangible. The Environment Minister, Yves-François Blanchet is unacceptable that his party has to pay for hot topics on which he had to decide.
Daniel Paille believes that the Quebec sovereignist parties would do well to join together to form a majority government in the next provincial election.

The Bloc Quebecois leader pleaded on that Monday, but did not specify what form this should take agreement between the Parti Québécois, Québec solidaire and Option nationale.

The Parti Quebecois is best placed to form a majority government and initiate a referendum process, evaluated Daniel Paille. However, he believes that the PQ would be better to conclude an electoral agreement with QS and ON to achieve this.
“I hope they will listen on an electoral level to do something together,” he summarized, advancing as much as he could so that there could be arrangements to form a coalition government to develop policies within districts or to dismiss others.

The sovereignist leader noted that many young party activists are also members of ON. Daniel Paille argues that the future of his own party will be affected by the outcome of the next provincial election.

The Prime Minister Pauline Marois spoke during the weekend, the sinking of the Movement for National Independence in 1968, in favour of the Parti Quebecois.
Ms. Marois has boosted its sovereignist opponents ON and QS by saying that history deserves to be repeated.
Mr. Paille said for his part that the current environment is very different from that which led to scuttle of the Movement for National Independence.
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