Martin Fontaine brings 70’s Vegas to Quebec City with Elvis Experience

Martin Fontaine brings 70’s Vegas to Quebec City with Elvis Experience

Martin Fontaine as Elvis Presley in ‘Elvis Experience’ at Le Capitole, Quebec City. Wed 12 August 2015. Photo credit: Andrew Greenfield.

‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ proclaimed the iconic sign on the big screen in front of the audience.

Quebec City, Wednesday 12 August, 2015 – Elvis fans were in for a treat as the king himself put in an appearance at Le Capitole in Quebec City.

Perhaps not the king, but it easily could have been. Martin Fontaine, celebrated Elvis performer and La Vegas veteran put on a show with his 24-piece band (yes twenty four) complete with an 8-piece backing singer ensemble.

Fontaine, from Laval (Québec) remained in character throughout the performance and it certainly was convincing.
The moves, the mannerisms, the voice, the facial expressions – he had all of them in abundance.
At times you had to pinch yourself to realise you’d not been transported back to a 1970’s Vegas venue.

So convincing is it that during the 2014 season Prescilla Presley herself had this to say “I thought I was sitting in Vegas watching the real show, it took me a while to realize that I was not in Vegas, but in Quebec!”

The show begins on the big screen with footage from the era and then straight in to Viva Las Vegas.
The crowd, already in the mood for a party, did not need any help when it came to singing along.

With that the screen went up, the curtain went up and there they were – the band, the singers, and then the man himself.

‘Tonight hopefully you’ll hear some of the sounds you came here to hear. Welcome to Vegas.’

Fontaine was engaging throughout – constantly interacting with the audience, the singers, and the band.
He was enjoying himself and so were we.

Classics from Tina Turner, Buddy Holly, Peggy Lee, The Righteous Brothers, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles were also interpreted by this skilled singer and performer.

Fontaine, in two sets with a 20 minute break in between, performed 25 crowd-pleasing favourites including Welcome to My World, The Wonder of You, Teddy Bear, Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, The Impossible Dream, I Just Can’t Help Believing, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, Down in the Alley, Burning Love, Suspicious Minds, Hound Dog, Dixieland, and more.

The audience were revelling in this and it ended all too soon, so much fun was everyone having.

Or did it, with the screaming mass of Elvis fans wanting more and almost storming the stage Fontaine did indeed come back.

‘You didn’t need to go mad like that, I was coming back anyway. I only went off to fix my hair!’

The 2-song encore began with I Can’t Stop Loving You which saw the crowd dancing in the aisles and finished, perhaps fittingly as the audience were firmly in the palm of his hand at this point, with Can’t Help Falling in Love.

And with that Elvis left the building!

Elvis Experience is coming toward the end of this year’s Quebec City run, and if you get the chance to go before the final show on 6th September then do. If you’re an Elvis fan, or a fan of music from the 70’s rock era when the king was at the top of his game then I doubt you’d be disappointed.

Elvis Experience at Le Capitole 2015

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