Mayor Labeaume a first class traveller

Mayor Labeaume a first class traveller

Main pic: Quebec City’s mayor Régis Labeaume during a conference at the Cégep Limoilou. Photo credit: Antoine Letarte

First class or cattle class – given the choice, which way would you travel?

Quebec (Quebec) 4 November 2014 – The mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, has travelled a lot since he’s been in power and has taken 4 trips even since 2013.

Maybe the mayor has to go on these trips for economic or cultural reasons to represent or promote the city but, does he have to travel first class?

That was the question put to him by the opposition party at city hall last week, because apparently the mayor always flies first class.

The opposition says it isn’t necessary and if for some reason it is, then the mayor should reimburse the municipal tax payers the difference.

M. Labeaume is accusing his critics on the matter as being ‘petty and childish’ saying they should spend more time worrying about the city than about his travel arrangements.

M. Labeaume claims he has to travel first class because he has back problems. His attaché de presse on the other hand travels in economy class and the difference in price is enormous.

For a recent trip to Paris, M. Labeaume’s ticket cost $5,245.00 while his press secretary’s seat cost only $902.00; only one example of many, the opposition has on hand.

The mayor was extremely upset over the accusations and stubbornly reiterated by explaining that he travels for his job and with his back problems it would be difficult to travel on economy class.

He categorically refuses to reimburse any amount because for him, “That’s the way it is and that’s that.”

The mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, contrary to Mr Labeaume, travels in economy class wherever he goes.

The opposition, through the words of the city councillor Anne Guérette, isn’t necessarily complaining that he flies first class, only that he should reimburse the difference in price between first and economy class if his requirements are superior to the norm.

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