Mayor Labeaume suffers the ‘blues’ from the blue bags

Mayor Labeaume suffers the ‘blues’ from the blue bags

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 April 2015 – The decision last month to return to using blue bags instead of the blue bins, for recyclable materials is not going over well with the population in the downtown area.

It was decided last January that the city would be returning to the old blue bags for recycling in the more congested quarters of the city because it would be easier to collect the bags during the evening pick up times. Since its inception on the 7th of April, the whole recycling debate, bin or bag has become a disaster for the mayor and for the citizens alike.

One week after a horrendous start to the blue bag procedure, the mayor reciprocated by saying that people could use either the bag or the bin (bac). Now it appears as though the decision will be reversed and the bin will return as the best option.

The whole matter came up when the municipal workers suggested it would be quicker and quieter if the downtown core used bags instead of the bacs for their empty bottles and plastic rubbish. Turned out the streets were littered with bags strewn all over the sidewalks inviting raccoons, crows and other animals to help themselves. This last week the rue St. Jean, a popular tourist spot, had become cluttered with bags and bins along the sidewalks forcing people to take to the street itself in order to continue on their way.

Mayor Labeaume is blaming the municipal workers for the disastrous results and said he would try and reserve a couple of hours of his busy schedule to go and play garbage collector just to see how it works. M. Labeaume says he himself will decide what will happen, and he himself will make the decision as to whether it will be bins or bags and when they will be collected.

He apparently doesn’t need any input from the citizens although he’s now open to comments on his Facebook page.
How will the bag or bin blues saga end?

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